Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Hey people, its been a while since i last blogged and my exams are over...

I'm now in Singapore and i've decided to move my blog to, cause i wanna add a new dimension to my blogging... So i'm gonna be blogging there from now on...please update.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

This week...

Im still tired from last weekend. I should have recovered from it by now. I think it's because of the java assignment that was due in Tuesday, so i had to work on it fully on monday.

The weekend was great, i got to meet a great saint, do darshan and also meet lots of people along the way. But of course there was a lot of work that had to be done so that’s why I'm tired.

It started on Friday night when we went to the first house, and then from there someone suggested to play futsal, so we booked the midnight slot and we went to play. We came home around 2am and slept until 8 or 9 when we had to go to Kul's house for the diwan. It was a lot of fun with Gurpreet, Sim, Joy and Kul. We were joking all the way. After santji and the sangat left for the KL tour we had our lunch and we left also, only to see that the buses were stuck just 500 metres from the house. We drove to the front and found out that all the roads were closed because they were shooting a hindi film, damn that Shahrukh Khan. I had to get on someone's motorcycle and go and see what the hell was going on.

So after a lot of screaming and shouting by many, many people, things got moving, and this was like 3 hours later. So the tour was cancelled and we went on with work. A few of us had to come back and take people's cars from Mont Kiara to Bangsar.

It was fun driving in an entourage.

So in the night the function was at Sim's office then at his home. It was tiring as i volunteered for valet duty in the rain. But it was worth it cause i got to help out and i got to try out many new types of cars. After the whole diwan that night we went to Nirmal's house and set up for sunday's programme(i gotta get his mum to make me the cheesecake, veg and damn damn tasty). So after sunday's programme was done we went to eat lunch at this chinese restaurant in PJ 17 with Gurpreet's in laws.

So at last all was over and i was planning to leave for the hostel when we went home when they said lets go and visit Santji at Prabdhial's home and then we can relax, we won't go to the airport. But on the way Joy asked me to stay back for dinner so that we can have a last meal.

So on Monday it was back to studying and finishing assignments. The whole week went OK and yesterday (Friday) it was Nirmal’s birthday and there was a celebration at his place. Quite a few people and a whole lot of teasing, we were supposed to go for a movie but it got changed to pool with Bala and the gang. It was another fun time with Kul(yes he came), Arpita and Nirmal. By the time we got home it was already 3.30am and I was damn tired, so I got to sleep and woke up a few hours later to send Sim to Puduraya.

Now futsal has been cancelled so I’m contemplating going back to the hostel in the morning cause exams begin next week.

Anyways on a different note i have found a piece of white hair on my moustache, damn i'm becoming old.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Belakang Masuk

I just came back from a talk by Harvard Professor James K. Sebenius who talked about why skills to negotiate is so important to business. It was very interesting and what he talked about made a lot of sense.

He mainly spoke about how negotiations are done up actually way before they sit down on the table. He showed an example where one of the CEO of an organisation went around and talked to all the companies under him, then talked to the government and then also to the media before he went to the negotiation table. So that when they sat down to negotiate with the union of longshoremen all the external people who got involved would panic and step in to help them out.

It was a method he used which i would prefer to call 'belakang masuk.' Literally the phrase means to enter from the back door but what it means in this context is to take another way and do something indirectly. And i mean i would never have imagined even thinking up of such a thing. But that's what successful people do, they think out of the box and come up with ideas like this to get their work done. So i would have to expand my mind to look at all the positive ways as to how things can be done.

But what i was sad to see was the turnout of the students. The main group of people who came were the lecturers. The students who came really just sat down and talked to their friends. And it's actually a lecture which is optional so if you do not wanna go then don't go la.

All these lectures are there to supplement the study in the university. They help a lot in the long run, but many students don't understand. University study is not about what you read in books and do in your tutorials. There are many more things you have to do, many more lectures/seminars/talks that you should attend to learn. And this guy was from Harvard, how often does someone from Harvard come and give a talk.

I was very disappointed with the turnout and was hoping for more students.People like me who actually thought he was skipping his lecture to attend the Harvard talk, but instead saw the lecturer(who postponed the class to come) sitting on the 4th row of the talk.

Maybe its the age thing and maybe its what i have seen on the outside thats why i think that all this is so important. So if any of the youngters are reading this, please keep a look out for such things and try to attend so that you can maximise your learning experience.

Monday, May 22, 2006


What a weekend, what a weekend...

I reached Sim's house on friday night and i was so pooped that i went to sleep at 9.30pm. Sim came back from singapore and apparently we were talking in the room but the truth is i barely remember anything. Sadly i woke up at 3am after a weird dream where i was eating chicken in katong gurudwara at a buffet. Yes its true i'm the biggest sinner here...hahahahaha

After that i slept at 7am and then i woke up to leave for Melaka for the barsi and to meet my mum, who was complaining that i only spent 15 minutes with her as she was in a rush and i was late. No matter shit happens. So Sim, Kul, Jack(Kul's son) and me went in the gurudwara, paid our respects and disappeared to makan.

Melaka seems to me like a small town but its valued as a city because of the history behind it, being the 1st state of malaysia and all. Food was ok, we first ate at this thosai shop where it was opened by a famous Datuk. And then we moved next door for some chinese vegetarian food. All in all it was not so bad.

The sad part was that this time i had bought my camera along and i was ready to take pictures and all. But sadly it was spoilt apparently the screen is not capturing the picture on the lens so i can't see what i was taking. Technology...I know what everybody is thinking, just use the normal way la friend, but i tried that and the picture came out black. So i may have to send it back to Canon to get it repaired.

Saturday night was party night at Sim's Condo where there was a residents BBQ. I was not in the mood to go as i was damn tired and i was a bit sad that i didn't meet my mum properly. I felt bad that i was late. But i still went cause if i was alone i would feel even worse. Anyways i met a lot of people there and the Mr. Lee joke is working now, i've spread the word and people are calling me Mr.Lee. Now the plan is to answer them all back in Mandarin when they call me, and as Tina recommended she will ask me about my 'Dad', Mr KY, just to confuse people and get the ball rolling.

Well now i'm back in the hostel and as per normal work is there to do, assignments to finish, i can't wait for next tuesday when there will be no more assignments left, then it's all just mugging to the finals and of course WORLD CUP 2006...

Ok this is a plea to everyone and anyone, i want tips to study for my exam, please feel free to flood my comments box with all the tips in the world as my papers are coming soon and it's been a while since i have mugged. I really need all the tips in the world so please, give me some advice and i need some luck also, pretty please with a cherry on top(which i will eat).

Friday, May 19, 2006

What a day!!

At last the day of the presentation was here. I've been looking forward to this day for a long time. I love making presentations and talking in front of everybody, it is actually more fun that writing a 20 page report.

So i had everything planned, the 3 of us were gonna present the topic(conflict management) and i had specially made up a script so that we would act out a few of the points on the side. So last night we did not get much sleep, as we worked out all the last minute details. In the morning i get a text from one of the members that he has a sore throat and he can't talk so he won't be coming for the presentation.

Surprisingly i didn't panic and i calmly got up and went to school to tell my other groupmate(who really panicked). I was just laughing away thinking how to solve the problem. Maybe its the age thing where this sort of things just don't surprise you anymore. Even the lecturer asked me, "You were expecting this weren't you." And frankly she was right i knew it all along, so i modified all the work down to 2 people and we still carried on with the show.

It didn't come out as i wanted but what could we do, without any rehearsals and being so tired with this last minute crisis, we did our best and well i was really disappointed but even the lecturer understood. So what can i do? Nothing except go to sleep now as i need to rest damn badly.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Whats Goin On?

Well my exams are approaching and my i have a few last assignments on my head. I am now in a different mode. Its been a while since i sat down and studied seriously, but i hope i can start soon. This is all due to the projects that seem to be due at around the same time.

I'll be down in Melaka this Saturday for the barsi(a programme to honour the death anniversary of Sant Sohan Singh, a great saint, It'll be a short trip and i don't think ill be helping out in the baptism ceremony this time.

I have been gaining a bit of weight lately, not exercising and eating too much, the main causes. I have to get back to playing badminton and futsal(i have bought a pair of shoes but have not been able to use them to play so far), then only i'll get back to shape. But since i have to focus on my papers i don't think this will be happening any time soon. I may get a game or two, but i don't think ill be able to go all the way. Maybe i have to start a running regime or something, here in the hostel.

Well i may not blog for a while after this so ill see y'all another time...Arrivederci

Sunday, May 07, 2006

A defeat... or a victory?

The results of the Singapore Elections '06 were out last night. And Sim, his dad and me were in the room in KL listening to the radio on the internet and watching the poll's site for updates. It was super exciting. We have been having conversations and debates over the elections.

As expected in the end the PAP won 82 of the 84 seats and it we were super anxious especially for Hougang, because of the $100 million carrot in front of their faces. But to our surprise the residents never budged. I was stunned actually thinking Hougang was gone but the results proved otherwise.

Potong Pasir was another area, this area has always been in the hands of the opposition but this time round we were worried about the outcome. But it came back into Chiam See Tong's hands so they are still safe there.

Then the most controversial area, Aljunied. With the Workers Party's 'A' team in the area and all the matters in the news, we were expecting a win on the opposition side, but alas it wasn't meant to be.


Or not, if you look at the percentages properly and compare them with the previous few elections things are looking different now. In practically all the areas that they lost, the opposition got more than 2/3rds of the vote. Which means that the votes for the PAP are getting less and less. This actually shows that things are changing.

So actually if you look at it, the opposition had a victory last night which will motivate them to work harder and go further for the next few elections, and one day there maybe a new government running the show.